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7 Pillars Retirement Planning®

These are the 7 main pillars that we believe will make for a well-rounded Retirement Plan. Digging deep into these will help ease some anxieties.

Client Centered

Client Centered

Our contract with you is built on the retirement areas (Pillars) that are important to you.  Each Pillar can be contracted as a separate service module.  We can bundle service module for better pricing to you.  And we can be flexible on the content of each service module to make sure we target the areas that are most important to you.

Defining Your Purpose
Who do you want to be in retirement? What will you do? We guide you through a discovery process.

Often overlooked in a Retirement Plan. It's essential to have this discussion and review your Medicare options regularly.

Income Plan
We work with you to create an Income Plan that is in your best interest. Both guaranteed income and portfolio withdrawal considerations to meet your monthly needs.

Investment Plan
Understanding your Risk Tolerance, medium-term, and long-term goals are key to designing the best portfolio for you.

Tax Planning
Roth Conversions are good for youand what the impact is on your 30+ year retirement timeline. If so, how much and when?

Long-Term Care
We'll help you look at the various alternatives for LTC including insurance, hybrid life, and self-funding.

Estate and Legacy Planning
Everyone needs to have their estate planning documents in order. HNW individuals will need to go much further in tax planning and legacy planning.

7 Pillars Retirement Planning®

7 Pillars Retirement Planning®

Learn more about each of these Pillars including a full service description and our transparent pricing matrix

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