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Every Person and Situation is Different!

There are literally dozens of areas we can help with

As we mentioned previously, wealth distribution or 'de-accumulation' can be very complex and cause anxieties throughout one's retirement time horizon.

Below are just some of the common areas of concern that we see on a regular basis.  You may be experiencing some of these or some completely different.  We will work with you and your unique circumstances!

Some of the common anxieties and questions we get from clients:


Will I have enough monthly income to support my expected lifestyle? What are my Social Security claiming options?  What are the portfolio distribution strategies and risks to augment my guaranteed income (Social Security, pensions, etc.)?

Will I be exposed to Medicare IRMAA (Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount)?


At my expected lifestyle, when will I run out of money?  Am I invested and diversified appropriately?

How much can I withdraw to meet my income requirements?

What are my Long-Term Care (LTC) self-funding options and what’s the impact to my portfolio?


How do I minimize my tax obligations? Should I do Roth Conversions and if so, when and how much?

How do I transfer wealth tax-efficiently at end of life?


What are the best retirement possibilities for my personal situation and what are my risks?

What is Sequence of Returns risk and how does it impact the timing of my retirement?

What is the impact of increased inflation or higher taxes on my retirement projections?

How can we help you?

Thank you!