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Service Modules and Pricing

DIY Get Started Service Module

Self-service / self-training module

We will provide you with the capability and process for you to capture your financial data and establish your current financial status.  30-minute consultation.  (Fee starts at $95.00)

7 Pillars Retirement Planning®

Income Plan
We work with you to create an Income Plan that is in your best interest. Both guaranteed income and portfolio withdrawal considerations to meet your monthly needs.

A cornerstone of retirement planning! There are 2 parts to our service offering:

Part 1: Basic Assessment. We will provide you with some tools to help you look beyond yourself for higher goal setting and to ‘Define Your Purpose’. Then, financially, we will look at where you are at today and what a retirement income plan would look like under your existing financial scenario. We’ll look at your current lifestyle expenses and compare to your expected retirement spending ‘curve’, the income(s) you are expecting, and any ‘gap’ that may exist. We’ll include your Social Security Full Retirement Age (FRA) and your pension in our analysis. (Fee starts at $300)

Part 2: Extended Assessment. With the above information as a baseline, we’ll link your investment accounts to our software to analyze the possible income generation, project how long the portfolio would last, run a Monte Carlo simulator, and calculate the probability of success. We will also have a collaborative planning session with you to run multiple scenarios. (Fee starts at $450)

Combined, these service modules are an excellent foundation to your comprehensive Retirement Plan.

Investment Plan
Understanding your Risk Tolerance, medium-term, and long-term goals are key to designing the best portfolio for you.

This is what almost every advisor does - design an investment portfolio for you. And then charge you 1-2% to manage it on a custodian ‘platform’. We do not operate in that model. We will evaluate your Risk Tolerance and then design a low-cost portfolio that matches your Risk Tolerance and meets your investment goals. These are typically low-cost mutual funds and ETFs.

We do not ‘manage’ your portfolio as traditional Assets Under Management or AUM. You will keep the funds at the custodian of your choice. We will be able to ‘see’ the performance of those funds through our Planning software and we will make annual recommendations for rebalancing the account(s).

Your portfolio will be designed using Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) and a well-correlated and highly diversified asset mix. Our design is intended to be for long-term investing and does not include highly speculative investment types. (Fee starts at $450).

Risk Management
Do you have the appropriate amount of life insurance? Is it even required?  Does your retirement have other financial risks?

We will help you right-size your emergency fund, review risk mitigation strategies such as life, and disability insurance to help mitigate risk in those areas.

Additionally, and pertinent to Retirement Planning, we will go another level deeper on other retirement risk factors such as:

  • Sequence of Returns risk
  • Inflation risk
  • Longevity risk
  • Social Security risk

(Fee starts at $450)

Often overlooked in a Retirement Plan. It’s essential to have this discussion and review your Medicare options regularly.

Commonly overlooked is what type of healthcare plan will be best for you. At age 65, everyone qualifies for Medicare Part A. What about Part B and D? Did you know there’s a Part C (Medicare Advantage) that is operated by private insurance companies much like an HMO. It’s usually cheaper than original Medicare, but may not be the best for you.

Original Medicare (Parts A, B, D, and various gap plans) may be more expensive, but offer more medical options with less deductibles. How will you determine which Plan is best for you? Too many commercials, headlines, and telesales agents? We can help sort through all of that and get the best Plan for you. (Fee for the consultation: $250, does not include the Medicare Plan)

Long-Term Care
We’ll help you look at the various alternatives for LTC including insurance, hybrid life, and self-funding.

For some clients, the cost of Long-Term Care (LTC) can be devestating. We can show you a comparison in the costs of different insurance plans, including a hybrid (life insurance plus a critical care rider), and compare those to self-funding LTC from your Investment Plan. (Fee starts at $350)

Tax Planning
Are Roth Conversions are good for you and what the impact is on your 30+ year retirement timeline. If so, how much and when.

For some clients, tax planning can be a huge benefit in retirement, especially before your Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) start to kick in, starting as early as age 73, depending on your current age. During the time between when you retire and when you start RMDs may be a good time to perform Roth Conversions to minimize your overall multi-year tax burden and also create a tax-free portfolio (generally, preferred over tax-deferred).

With our software tools, we can show you the long-term impact of your tax burden under different portfolio scenarios.(Fee starts at $450)

Estate and Legacy Planning
Everyone needs to have their estate planning documents in order. HNW individuals will need to go much further in tax planning and legacy planning.

This is another 2-part service module.

Part 1: Review your existing estate planning documents. If you just want a review of existing Will, Trust, PoA, and medical PoA documents with some recommendations, this is for you. (Fee starts at $200)

Part 2: Analyze wealth transfer options. If you are a High Net Worth (HNW) or Ultra HNW individual, you have many tax saving tools available to manage your legacy estate. We can help you understand CRATS, GRATS, SLATS, and ILITS and how they may be advantageous to you and your heirs. (Fee starts at $750)

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